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We once got a brand so many sales that PayPal froze their account. 

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Wild Cactus Marketing

Information gets exchanged faster than ever before. There was an age where simply putting out your product/service out there would get you tons of clients. Nowadays, your product/service is exactly the same as millions of other competitors.  What differentiates your brand from theirs?  It’s the way you put your brand out there.  Using modern marketing tactics, we leverage social engineering to steer consumers’ primal behaviour psychology, charming them to instinctively feel they desire your brand.


There are guidelines and formulas to how to present your business, from the image you use in your ad to the wording of your product's description. If you are thinking that these little details can't make that of a difference, then it is time to hire a copywriter.

Artificial Intelligence

AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence that has beaten 4-1 the best Go player in the world by gathering data from lots of players. In marketing, we are leveraging the very same principle using Facebook’s own innate artificial intelligence to find the exact clientele you are after by feeding it the necessary data. 

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Past Clients

Wild Cactus Media may be a young agency, but they have increased our sales by 8 folds in less than a month!

We had so many transactions that PayPal had to freeze our account!

Ken B., Owner of Knifesthetic

The idea of having couple massages for Valentines' day was something I'd never have thought of.  We got short staffed for the very first time! 

Tina S., Massotherapist

Selling undergarments was very hard, 'cause most places didn't let us advertise.  Wild Cactus Media has helped us with influencer marketing, which was totally a game changer.

Lily K., Lingerie Designer